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There are several university restaurants on campus, as well as cafeterias and student food trucks.

Prices of restaurants and cafeterias:

For 3.30 €, you can choose :

  • "Traditional" formula with a 3 course menu.
  • "Pizza, fresh pasta or Crous burger formula" depending on the restaurant.
  • "Sandwich + drink + dessert" formula.

At any time of the day, cafeterias offer various sandwiches, pastries, hot and cold drinks.

The University campus is now "Zero Cash" !

To pay, two solutions are available :

- With your student card (pass UBFC) associated with a virtual wallet.

- With your credit card

More information on IZLY.

You want to compare living costs between your city and Dijon?

The tool « LE COUT DE L’EXPAT » is made for you! Practical and interactive, it allows you to compare similar expenses between two cities.