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AgroSup Dijon receives the Welcome to France label

On the 20th May, we got the fantastic news that we are now certified Welcome to France by an independent committee made up of members from various French institutions. AgroSup Dijon received two stars out of three, which is, already, a huge achievement in our eyes.

Created in 2019, this certificate stemmed from the initiative to make France more attractive to international students, it was and still is a way to guarantee the best conditions during an international students time abroad. 

Based on a number of criteria, the certificate covers the main areas of hosting an international student :

  • access to information
  • recruitment and welcoming procedures
  • the course offer and support
  • campus life and housing facilities
  • post-graduate follow-up and networking

The Welcome to France certificate is valid for a four year period, during which the school will be reevaluated by a committee of experts.