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Arfagri Webinar June

These monthly conferences will be held from April to December 2021, on every second Tuesday of the month from 2 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. (GMT +1 hour) and translated in French and Spanish.

Program for Tuesday, 8th June 2021:

Effects of microclimatic conditions on the growth of lettuces in apple-tree and lettuce cultures, by Toky RAMANANJATOVO and Patrice Cannavo,  l’Institut Agro/ Agrocampus Ouest

Effects of plant diversification in plots on the feeding of aphid parasitoids and biological control, by Bruno JALOUX, l’Institut Agro/ Agrocampus Ouest

Webinars are open to all students, PHDs and research-professors interested in the topic.

To view the last webinar, please follow this link :