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AgriTech World Tour Episode 5

In this fifth episode professionals from all over the globe talk about tomorrow's agriculture.

AgriTech World Tour Episode 4

AgriTech World Tour is back with a new episode on a new topic : choosing my career.

AgriTech World Tour Episode 3

This episode is on the topic of the role of women in the AGtech industry.

AgriTech World Tour Episode 2

The Agritech World Tour web series is back with a new episode, on the topic of the AG Tech Trade Fair.

AgriTech World Tour

A new web series on the topic of agricultural equipment. With testimonies from a wide range of professionals and students, each episode will approach…

A lookback on #Erasmus Days!

On Thursday, 15th October we celebrated our International Day and Erasmus Days with an online Serious Game on the topic of agroecological farms.

Welcome to our international students!

This year at AgroSup Dijon, we welcome students from Senegal, Mali, Morocco, Lebanon and Ivory Coast !