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Things to do when arriving in Dijon

When arriving in a new city you may feel a bit lost and overwhelmed by all the new sites and things do to. You might feel anxious about going to that restaurant you saw in your street or worried that you misunderstood that sign saying free entry for under 26 year-olds. This is why we have concocted a list of all the things you can do during your stay in Dijon.


1) Culture and art accessible for all

Following the initiative of the French government to make culture and art accessible for all, many museums are free for under 26 year-olds.

- Musée des Beaux-Arts

- Musée Magnin

- Musée de la Vie Bourguignonne

And there are many other museums in Dijon for which a small entrance fee will be asked.

2) Discover the city center

Throughout the town center you will see many arrows imprinted with an owl. By following these arrows you will discover the history of the town and the best Dijon has to offer. At the end of this trail you will discover Dijon's emblematic mascot, don't forget to make a wish though !

3) Spend the day surrounded by nature

Dijon has an array of parks, so why not make the most of the good weather and head over to the Parc de la Combière, Parc de l'Arquebuse, with its botanical gardens, or the Parc de Suzon for a japanese inspired afternoon.

4) The buildings

Dijon has many architecturally stunning buildings, but some of the most impressive are the churches. Did you know Dijon is sometimes called the "City of 100 bells", thanks to the many churches and cathedrals that can be found in the city. Why not spend an afternnon visiting as many as you can and see the history of the city and different architectural movements right before your eyes.

5) Carte culture

As a student in Dijon you are eligible for the Carte Culture for a fee of 5€ a year. With this card you will be able to access different cultural event at a reduced fee.

6) The food !

Dijon and Burgundy as a whole are known as the food capital of France and you can not say you have lived in Dijon if you have not tried some of the local delicacies. If going out to a restaurant is not your cup of tea, why not have a go at making some traditional Burgundy dishes yourself? The local food market is open on a Saturday morning and you will find everything you need for that Boeuf Bourguignon you have been thinking about or any other dish that takes your fancy.