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Lipids, Nutrition and Cancer

IN 2020

The main goal of the Lipid, Nutrition, Cancer research unit (UMR Lipides, Nutrition, Cancer LNC) is to promote fundamental and clinical research within the fields of Cancer, Nutrition, Lipid biology and cardio metabolic risks.

The researchers at l'Institut Agro Dijon work with the Nutrition physiology and Food Toxicology team, where the topic of research is detecting oro-intestinal, lipid metabolism, and their interactions with packaging contaminants. The l'Institut Agro Dijon team also works with LIPNESS, whose research project is the studying of transferring lipoproteins and lipids in the case of sterile and sceptic inflammations.

The research unit also coordinates the Laboratory of Excellence (LabEx) LipSTIC, which brings together 23 teams from 6 universities and professional partners. The goal of this LabEx is to study the role of lipoproteins, natural nano vectors in cancer and other inflammatory diseases.

Partner institutions

Lipids, Nutrition, Cancer Research Unit's Website

Other key figures

  • 293 researches, research-professors, engineers and technicians.
  • Of which, 14 research-professors, engineers and technicians from l'Institut Agro Dijon.
  • Managed by : University of Burgundy, l'Institut Agro Dijon, INSERM and UBFC